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You must defend your base from an incessant enemy attack by building and upgrading defence towers.


Select Start to begin a new game. Whilst playing, selecting Pause will toggle a pause state and double clicking on Quit will return you to the attract screen.


Once playing, select one of the initially empty 9 positions on your base in order to build a tower. The basic towers are as follows:

Chain - Red. Average cost and low range, but inflict the a lot of damage in a single hit. The damage continues to nearby enemies but with slightly less potency. The number of enemies affected can be improved.

Rapid - Green. Cheapest and inflict the least damage, but fast with a range advantage. Their rate of fire can be improved.

Slower - Blue. Expensive and slow, but have the property of slowing 3 enemies to make them easier targets for other towers. Their slowing effect can be improved.

Stopper - Light Blue. Slightly faster than Slowers, with slighty less range and more power, but only effect one enemy. The effect is to stop enemies to make them easier targets for other towers. Their stopping effect can be improved. Any stopping effect over the inbuilt maximum will be added to the slow down effect.

Reaper - Black. Very expensive, very slow, but inflict the most damage in a single hit. If this tower is the cause of an enemy's death, there is a change that its life may be claimed and added to your own. This chance can be improved.

Gold - Gold! Very expensive, slow, and doesn't inflict a great deal of damage. However, When this tower hits an enemy, the enemy becomes marked. If the enemy is killed whilst marked the bounty paid for the enemy is raised - the amount raised is dependent on the damage level of the Gold marking tower.

Money (bounty) is awarded for kills and interest is earned on the money left in the bank at the end of a level. Money can be used to upgrade the towers in various ways. To sell a selected tower, double click on the sell button.

Provided you have at least one life, at any time you can 'pawn' a life for an instant cash boost by double clicking the Sell Life button. Lives can also be bought, at a premium over the sell price, by double clicking on the Buy Life button. The prices vary as you buy and sell lives in a single level but are reset when a new level starts.

Holding the right mouse button will speed up the game.


A special enemy that releases a power is available every 2nd level (except where bonuses are available - see Bonuses). To use a collected power, select the button by the power name in the lower right hand of the screen. Only one power may be active and will only last the duration of the current level.

Score Multi - The score obtained from enemies is increased.

Range Multi - The range of all your towers is increased.

Money Multi - The money obtained from enemies is increased.

Damage Multi - The damage of all your towers is increased.

Mass Freeze - All enemies are frozen and move slowly.

Smart Bomb! - All enemies explode!


A special enemy that releases a bonus is available every 8th level. The bonus is awarded automatically.

Reward Bonus - Receive a score and money bonus.

Interest Bonus - Interest rate is increased.

Lives Bonus - Gain extra lives.

Additionally, extra lives are awarded at 50,000 points, 100,000 points and every addition 100,000 points scored.


Show HUD - Toggles the display of information over the playfield.

Smooth - Toggles the smoothing (anti-aliasing) of the playfield. Try this if performance is low.

Thanks to...

TowerDefence.net for inspiration.


Please see the blog for changelogs and news.