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Snake is a classic game for one player. The basic objective is to grow your snake by eating 'pills' and avoiding death by running into the walls or yourself. This can get hard as your snake grows to take up half the screen!

In this version, you can play the pure snake game as described above by selected the Classic button. However, many more interesting features are built into the standard game, including:


You can control the snake via the mouse buttons or keyboard (cursor keys)


Don't crash into anything! As your snake get longer, the pace of the game picks up, as does the frequency and number of the pills. Some pills have a time of effectiveness. This is shown counting down to the right hand side, but instantly wears off if you collect another pill.

When your length is over 150, a new black pill may appear, taking you to the next layout. When you reach a length of 250, you will be taken to the next layout automatically - you will have earned it!


I'll explain those new pills in full: