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Push the penny towards the target!


Press 'Start' to play.

'Pick up' the counter, or penny, by moving your mouse over it.

'Shove' the penny towards the target by moving your mouse over the line at the bottom of the screen.

Once the penny crosses the line the penny is released and will follow a path determined by the direction and speed at which the mouse was moving.

Get the penny within the target to progress to the next level. The closer the penny is to the target the greater the score. An extra life is awarded every 3000 points.


A number of obstacles will get in your way...

Walls - the penny will rebound off a wall.

Bumper - the penny will rebound off a bumber, with added speed.

Ice - the penny will not be effected by friction as much when over ice.

Mud - the penny will have additional friction when over mud.

??? - and more.


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