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Void Defence v0.9.1

06/30/09 | by funqai [mail] | Categories: News, Android, Void Defence

A new version of Void Defence is available from the Market Place.

Thanks for the feedback! Keep it coming.

- Removed cost increase of buying Rapids and Chains. Reduced cost increase for others
- Increased upgrade costs of Rapid and Chain at higher levels
- Slightly increased level timer
- Slightly tightened the spiral, so it takes longer for enemies to reach the base

- Linked volume control to music (same as in game sounds)
- Removed button flicker
- Fixed potential crash when accessing powers
- Fixed pusher issue when enemies pushed past ‘0′

Some of the changes are to encourage buying more towers rather than put all money into one. Let me know what you think.

Update: Yes there is a bug with starting money. I’ll fix as soon as posible.


Void Defence beta released

06/28/09 | by funqai [mail] | Categories: News, Android, Void Defence

I’ve been having a few conceptual issues with the ambitious spiritual successor to Spira Defence, so here is a different track…

Void Defence is a sister game to Spira Defence. Similar game play, more towers spaces, new strategy.

All comments taken on board…


Spira-Defence v1.1.4

06/23/09 | by funqai [mail] | Categories: News, Android, Spira-Defence

A new version of Spira-Defence is available from the Market Place.

- Fast button now a little faster

- Saves max interest achievement
- (Hopefully) Fixed double level bug when playing with ‘pause on new level’



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