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Spira-Defence Pro Nag

02/20/09 | by funqai [mail] | Categories: Android, Spira-Defence

If you play this game any significant amount, please buy the Pro version when it becomes available in your area! It’s cheap as chips and will hopefully enable me to buy a developer phone!


Spira-Defence v1.0.1

02/20/09 | by funqai [mail] | Categories: News, Android, Spira-Defence

A new version of Spria-Defence is available from the Market Place.

Pro version also available with additional ‘Gold’ tower and unlimited levels!

- Slow down time up dive
- Add time up sound
- Decrease cost of damage upgrades
- Decrease cost of rate upgrades at hi level
- Added small ‘nag’ to buy the Pro version on standard version

- Fixed error after playing too many sounds


Android Spira-Defence Hi Scores

02/20/09 | by funqai [mail] | Categories: Android, Spira-Defence

Just to let you know, I’ll be removing all hi scores uploaded that correspond to versions before v1.0. This is for fair score comparisons.

As a general rule, if newer versions are easier (to score) then I will not delete old scores. If newer versions are harder then I shall wipe old scores, but probably make a blog post to keep for posterity the top 10.



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