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In response to: Word App v1.2

android phones [Visitor] ·
Great! will try it.
May post a review to my own site
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In response to: Word App v1.2

blackapple [Visitor] ·
nice job!I need it.Thank you for your update news.
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In response to: Word App v1.0.3

funqai [Member]
Ad-free pro version is planned soon.
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In response to: Word App v1.0.3

Zathman [Visitor]
Should add an ad-free donationware app to the market. Would be mighty nice :)
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In response to: Word App v1.0.2

valentin [Visitor] ·
nice, thanks
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In response to: Tap Tap Bang v1.1.1

funqai [Member]
Think the last comment was for Word Game... Thanks. The dictionary loads at the speed of the phone. Nothing I can do, its pretty big. My Nexus One loads very fast, my HTC Dev Phone, no so much.
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In response to: Word Game v1.5.1

funqai [Member]
Never say never, but not right now.
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In response to: Word Game v1.5.1

dave [Visitor]
Any chance of getting a PC version or internet version of this game. I don't have a android phone but love playing on my friend's.
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In response to: Spira and Void Defence 1.3.1

ken [Visitor]
i think it would make it more fun if you could buy powers and also buy level saves...just a suggestion
PermalinkPermalink 31/07/10 @ 00:10

In response to: Tap Tap Bang v1.1.1

Woody [Visitor]
I love the game. It just takes a long time for the dictionary to load. If you can fix that it would be a great game
PermalinkPermalink 28/07/10 @ 20:35

In response to: Spira-Defence v1.3

Great game, love the new tweaks, i seem to be able to get up another 10 levels to level 91, very addictive, is there any plans on adding new achivements in the future?
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In response to: Wave Defence v1.1

Igor Varadi [Visitor]
Big hello to author. Wave defence is absolute perfect game. Awesome idea, perfectly programmed.
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In response to: Void Defence v1.3

funqai [Member]
If you're a good player then you still need the 'pro' version to avoid the level cap. And those Ads can be annoying to some... As the free version is now monetized, I'm happy for the casual players to experience more of the game.

The free version may be a little slower due to the Ads (another incentive?) but there's no new code that should cause any slowdown anywhere else.
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In response to: Void Defence v1.3

Kyle [Visitor]
What is the incentive to purchase the pro version now?? Also it seems that the game is running slower with 1.3.
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In response to: Spira-Defence v1.2.2

funqai [Member]
Why would you play with two instances? If that's what users are wanting then I'll think about it for future releases...
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In response to: Spira-Defence v1.2.2

djack42 [Visitor]
Can't play simultaneously to more than one instance of this game.
you need to contextualize your code, no static members, thread safe etc. it's very annoying.
PermalinkPermalink 23/06/10 @ 16:08

In response to: Spria-Defence v1.5.1

funqai [Member]
The double click is intentional and is documented in tip tips over the buttons. I felt the need to offer a confirm action for buy/sell life and didn't want a dialog or anything so intrusive.
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In response to: Spria-Defence v1.5.1

Glen Boonzaier [Visitor]
Very fun simple game.
However, I am playing in firefox 3.6.3
My Java platform is the latest version.

I am having problems clicking on the buttons such as sell life, buy life, etc... I have to click repetitively to get anythign to happen. It took me most of the first round to try and sell 3 or 4 lives.

It is rather irritating as doing these things on the spur of the moment could mean life/death in the game.
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In response to: Number Game v1.1.1

funqai [Member]
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In response to: Number Game v1.1.1

Davy [Visitor]
I want to buy Numbergame Pro but when opening at Market, it is not available. Can't find a barcode here on the site.


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